NEWay (pronounced Any Way, we’re just being cheeky 😀 we’re just like that).

NEWay Designs is the brain child of Karl Pajak (Vice President) and Tim Martin (President). Tim’s previous ventures lacked Karl’s finesse and business acumen. While Karl’s lacked even a tiny ant’s ability in design. You could say it is like a chocolate peanut explosion. Two great minds that work great together.

Karl & Tim have been in the hobby industry for over 75 years (combined that is). Realistically we love designing and creating great items that support people in their chosen hobbies. We also enjoy creating beautifully crafted and decorative gift items for people, yes we do custom work.

We’re located in the heart of the greatest nation in the world, yes that’s Texas! We’ve been in business since 2016, and we launched our online store to celebrate our founding!

We cater to the hobby enthusiast creating and building dreams for miniaturists, hobby crafters, and painters around the world. Whether you work with canvas and pallet, or air brush, water colors your dream of having just the right work space starts here.

Tim Martin (President)
  • Creative Designer
  • Engineer behind most of our items
  • Wakes up at night thinking about just how to build Stuff
  • Brand Manager
Karl Pajak (Vice President)
  • Workhorse behind the business side of things
  • Idea support team leader
  • Business Manager
  • Contracts Manager (if you want something designed or built you need to work with Karl, he has to approve all design work)