NEWay’s Hobby Solutions

We offer quality laser cut paint racks, storage boxes, bases, tokens, key chain fobs, brush holders, and much more for the both gamer and hobby crafter enthusiast alike. Time permitting, we also offer custom design work for manufacturers and hobby enthusiasts at a reasonable design charge and product cost.

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Game Convention Support

If you are a game convention and are interested in receiving prize support from us please visit our Game Convention Support information.

Small Hole Complete Rack System

The Rack System

Our patent pending interlocking system allows you to create the perfect painting space.

  • Fits all hobby paint brands
  • Rugged design
  • Choice of woods
  • Available in metal and Acrylic
Small Hole Rack System

Custom Designs

Our engineer and design team (Tim) will work with you to create your perfect design.

  • All Designs remain property of NEWay Designs
  • We do not accept submissions for concepts
  • Choice of woods
  • Contract laser work available
NEWD Custom Design